The W(h)ine Hour..

Every household has one…the whine hour. It’s those bewitching hours between approximately 5 and 8pm in the evening when the kids go crazy and moms across the world lose their minds completely. It doesn’t matter if you have babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, or teens; those hours of dinner/homework/bath time/ bedtime can just about do a momma in. What is a girl to do? It’s simple and brilliant actually, just slip in a little wine of your own! Now, I’m not suggesting anyone down a bottle of whiskey everyday between the hours of 5 and 8, in fact if you do that you will have a few whine hours of your own the next morning. Basically, a little wine during the whine hours will keep you out of the padded cell at the local cookoo house where people will walk by and peek in your little window and say things like “aww, poor mom has lost her marbles” and “hmmm, now that’s a crazy one right there, sits in there all day and hits herself over the head with a Barbie and a hotwheel”. Don’t smirk, it can happen.

So, enjoy the tales of my whine hour, and how I survive each and everyone of one of them with a sense of humor and a good bottle of wine! After all, the whine hour comes around every single day, a girl has to be prepared!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11th....On the road again

I don't know how this has happened, but spring break starts tomorrow.  This school year is flying by at some sort of hyper speed that will have 2 of my kids "graduating" from elementary and middle school before I blink again!  When my kids were all little, people used to look at me with a sympathetic look and say, "enjoy this time because before you know it they will be all grown up."  At the time, that sort of statement really made me want to throw hot rocks at the giver of such sage advice. ;)  Now, I know that to be true...well at least the before you know it they will be grown up part.  I'm still not sure about the loving every single minute of the little years because those are some seriously hard years.  I'll take my big kid issues any day over what I used to face with these three.  I haven't wiped anyone's butt or nose for years, and I like that...a LOT!

Tomorrow morning we are leaving on the mother of all parenting challenges, the 12 hour road trip.  If we all survive this mecca of closeness we will end up in the mountains for a week of skiing with friends and family.  We will hit the slopes dressed from head to toe in all our warmest gear, strap on our ski's and snowboards and "shred the gnar" for 6 straight days!  Well, at least 4 of us will do that, I will tend to spend more time with hot coco and a good book than hitting the slopes.  I have found that when I try to hit the slopes with my boys, the slopes hit back...and hard.  There's no time for a sore bum for mom. ;)  I will make sure to spend some time each day with camera in hand paparazzing my children all over the mountain, much to the teenagers chagrin, and will hopefully come back with a book full of memories.  Some of my most favorite family times have been in the mountains, and I can't wait to get back to the mountains majesty tomorrow.  Notice how I threw in a little America and a little royalty right there, a girl can never get to far away from her crown. ;)

It's time to go pack now.  Four people's jackets, pants, long johns, hats, gloves, boots, ski's, snowboards, helmet's, sweatshirts, goggles, pj's, mittens....oh my!  I best get going!

Today's wine is Winner's Tank Velvet Sledgehammer Shiraz.  This is probably going to be tomorrow's wine too, as I am sure I will want a sledgehammer at some point during the 12 hours of car time to put myself out of my misery.  In order to escape that amount of boy closeness I have loaded a Jane Austen movie marathon on my phone to watch.  :)  A little Sense and Sensibility will be in order to keep the peace in the back seat! ;)

Happy Friday!

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R Joshua Fowler said...

Hey, Vicki! you crack me up. I love your boys and am so happy to have yours and mine back together again. So much fun... especially when I can give yours back after a couple of hours ; ). Have a safe trip!