The W(h)ine Hour..

Every household has one…the whine hour. It’s those bewitching hours between approximately 5 and 8pm in the evening when the kids go crazy and moms across the world lose their minds completely. It doesn’t matter if you have babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, or teens; those hours of dinner/homework/bath time/ bedtime can just about do a momma in. What is a girl to do? It’s simple and brilliant actually, just slip in a little wine of your own! Now, I’m not suggesting anyone down a bottle of whiskey everyday between the hours of 5 and 8, in fact if you do that you will have a few whine hours of your own the next morning. Basically, a little wine during the whine hours will keep you out of the padded cell at the local cookoo house where people will walk by and peek in your little window and say things like “aww, poor mom has lost her marbles” and “hmmm, now that’s a crazy one right there, sits in there all day and hits herself over the head with a Barbie and a hotwheel”. Don’t smirk, it can happen.

So, enjoy the tales of my whine hour, and how I survive each and everyone of one of them with a sense of humor and a good bottle of wine! After all, the whine hour comes around every single day, a girl has to be prepared!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, March 30th...That's all folks!

A photo that speaks volumes....

Oh my, it's time for something funny to offset all the "brotherly love" I've witnessed this afternoon.  And by brotherly love I mean choking, hair pulling, name calling, ball throwing, insult hurling and all other means of "affection" you can imagine. ;)  If you need a good laugh, besides looking at my pink crazy straw in the crystal wine glass (always keeping it classy) check out Hot In Cleveland on tvland.  Fuuuuny show!  Betty White is my new favorite old funny person! ;)  I love funny.  Funny is good.  Funny is much much better than any of the aforementioned means of expressing oneself.  Just a little sense of humor, a smile, chuckle, laugh or full on knee slapping, pants wetting laughter is good for the soul.  It's also good for the's like a work out!  I like this work out plan a LOT more than my previous one of freezing my a** off!  ;)

Speaking of funny, the wine of the day is Menage A Trois. Too many joke...too many jokes...too many jokes. ;)) Everyone find something funny in your day and give yourself a workout!  Here's something else funny (and slightly sad) in my day....

This is what happens when you try to chew your foot off, you get put in the "cone of shame".  You might also hear this while waiting at the back door to come in, "Direct TV is at the back door, someone let her in." :))  I wonder if she gets HBO?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, March 29th...Calling your shot

The last five days have been crazy busy.   I have watched 9 baseball games and 7 tennis matches in 5 days. That's a lot of watching.  There has been a lot of hurry up and then sit and watch going on.  If you've ever had a little leagurer in your house you know what I'm talking about.  The hurry up goes like this...get your pants, find your socks, where is your hat?  Is your bag packed?  Do you have your glove?  No, I cannot touch your cup, put it in your own sliding pants!"  Gross.  The watching goes like this...wait wait wait...CHEER!  Wait wait wait..CHEER!  Wait wait wait.  Little league baseball is not the fastest pace game in sports. ;)  Don't get me wrong, I love to watch my boys play baseball, absolutely love it..but the general pace of the game is a little on the slow side.  Thankfully I am blessed to have friends on both baseball teams which makes watching waaaay more fun!

Quick parenting tip...Never say to your 4 boys, "I think I'm about balled out!"  This statement will be met with all manner of jokes and hee haw laughing.  The little said, "That should be your slogan mom."  So there you have it, I have a slogan. ;)

At last nights game my middle one walked up to the plate and pointed his bat at his buddy playing in left field.  He was trying to say, heads up friend cuz this one is coming your way.  What he actually said was foul ball over the third base dugout right at his friend's dad. ;)  It reminded me of that same kid at 3 years old.  He would march his adorable little self up to the plate, stop just outside the batters box, hoist that bat up in the air and point his bat to the outfield.  I asked him once why he did that.  His reply, "That's what the Babe did and he hit a lot of home runs."  Can't really argue that logic with a pre-schooler. ;)  When the ball is sitting there stationary on a T just waiting to be smacked it's a lot easier to call your shot than when there is a pitcher on the mound throwing balls at your face. ;)  As I was sitting there watching him do his thing at catcher (which btw, he is going to have some rockin quads that I'm about to be jealous of) it hit me that baseball is an interesting metaphor to life.  Don't laugh, I know it's totally cheese ball, but it is true in many ways. Or, maybe after 9 baseball games and 7 tennis matches I have officially gone looney toons and someone needs to call the guys with the little white jackets to take me away.  That is a distinct possibility. ;)    Here's my 9th game, 5th inning life we always want to call our shot, control our way, make our own plans; the truth is that the bigger we get the less control we have over the variables.  We never know when life is going to throw us a curve ball, like a busted water hose, a broken arm, a broken dryer or a dog who is trying to eat her foot off.  (For real, my little dog is craaaazy)  At some point we learn that we cannot control everything, we just have to deal with what we have and the good Lord willing, we won't have any "chin music" thrown our way ;)  I asked the middle kid after the game if he was trying to call his shot.  He says, "Not really, my friend looked bored out there so I was trying to give him something to do.  That didn't work out like I planned" ;)  I tried to enlighten him with my new revelation on baseball and life to no avail.  His eyes glazed over after about 15 seconds and all he could say was, "Can we go get something to eat?  I'm staaarving to death!"  Ok, fine..did I ever tell my theory on how life is like a sandwich? :))  Insert 11 yr old eye roll here. :))

The wine for the day is called hot coco from your local 7 eleven.  I'm off to a couple more games this evening and the temp can't seem to get above frigid here.  Apparently I am trading in a work out program for the equally effective method of freezing my a** off watching other people play sports. ;)  Since I've been hitting that method pretty hard the last few days it seems like a good idea to balance that out with some warm liquid chocolate.  ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, March 27th...Plaaaaaay Ballllll!!!!

It's been a weekend of sports for this girl and her 4 boys.  The two little boys were playing in a tournament at our local baseball park and the big one sandwiched the weekend with tennis tournaments. I'm gonna need some girl time soon.  A chick flick, a pedicure or something...for the love of pete, somebody throw me something pink! ;)

It actually was a great weekend, besides the two cold fronts that came threw Saturday and Sunday.  Watching baseball in 40 degree weather isn't my very most favorite thing to do. ;)  The weekend started out really nice.  The weather was beautiful and I had the distinct pleasure of spending the entire day Friday watching the one arm bandit play in a tennis tournament.  He played doubles with the nicest young man (don't I sound like I'm about 85 when I say that? HA!)  But for real, the kid is awesome. :)  I don't know if you've ever watched a tennis tournament before or not, but it is seriously not an easy thing to do.  First of all, I never played tennis and the scoring is like navigating your way thru a Vegas hotel...confusing doesn't even begin to cover it.  Add to that, parents aren't allowed on the court (which is awesome) so you must sit outside of the court and watch thru the fence (which is not awesome).  The fence is covered with a wind screen.  I'm sure that screen is helpful to the kids playing, but good Lord, a person could stroke out looking thru that for 6 hours straight!  Can someone get me a dramamine? Or at the very least an advil for the migraine this "optical illusion" is creating? I think they played really well, but I'm not exactly sure I was even watching the right match. ;)  They finished 3rd!  Very excited for my broken big kid!

Left middle school tennis and went straight to 8 yr old baseball.  You'd think the intensity would take a major nose dive, but that is not the case.  There are some people who take their baseball seriously...very seriously.  We are blessed to have our little guy on a team with some really great coaches and families.  Perfect mix of competitiveness and understanding that the boys are only 8 years old.  Some of the teams we played this weekend have not got that particular balance down just yet. ;)  That is putting it mildly.  I have found if I ever get bored during a game, a quick glance around is sure to offer some sort of the field. ;)  At the little guy's third game of the weekend he did something truly amazing.  Another first...he hit an out of the park, over the fence, HOME RUN!  If I hadn't been bundled up under 7 layers of blankets, coats, sweaters, shirts and mittens I would have had the phone out a little faster for a picture.  Rats!  Instead of capturing this amazing moment on film, I recorded it in my mind.  I will never ever forget the look on his face when he rounded third base. All you could see was grin...from ear to ear!  His whole team went nuts, cutest thing ever!  It's a moment he won't forget.  As soon as he was back in the dugout he ran out to give me a big hug.  That's a moment I won't forget. ;) When I was talking to him about it after the game he says in his usual non-chalant, nothings too big of a deal way, "Yeah, that was fun.  Did you see my team-mate hit one right after me?  And we were both using one of his two bats.  I think the credit goes to the bats."  Ha!  I don't think so little dude, the credit goes to your dad for finally convincing you to swing that bat level. ;)  Just kidding, the credit goes to the little one, he is one awesome little kid! (and I'm not biased or anything.;)

The middle also played this weekend.  He was subbing with a team that had some players gone.  It was a great little team, with a really nice coach too.  The middle one's favorite place on the baseball field is catcher, and the coach was nice enough to let him play there all weekend.  He was in heaven.  During the middle of the game a foul tip came back and smacked the face mask on his helmet with a loud THWACK!  The whole place went silent, waiting to see if he was ok and how he would react.  Would he need to leave the game?  Was he upset?  Scared?  He hopped right up onto his feet and shook his whole body in a massive spasm that started at his feet and came up and out his hands.  He looked like Wiley Coyote after he face planted with the side of a mountain! :))  The silence was broken with a sigh of relief that he was not hurt followed by some hee haw laughing by both sides of the field! :))  After the game the umpire came up to him and said, "good job catch, you kept me safe back there."  My middle one shoots right back, "yep, I got your back...and your front."  ;)  Funny boy that one, funny boy. :))

Tomorrow, it's off to another tennis tournament.  I've packed some dramamine, advil and a good book.  I will take on the fence and wind nets and I will conquer, or I will read my book and when the match is over throw out a few comments, "That was great!  "Nice shot"  "Suuhweeeet one handed back hand!"  I'm gonna go with the age old phrase "it's the thought that counts", that will work here, right? ;)

The wine of the day is Cupcake chardonnay, it's one of my favorites.  Sometimes after 7 ball games and 6 hours of tennis a girl just needs some comfy warm jammies and a glass of something familiar.  Throwing in a cupcake doesn't hurt either. ;)  Plus with the amount of sports happening around here lately my time to "research" for my blog has been severely limited.  I'm gonna have to work on that!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday, March 23rd...Age smage

Yesterday was my birthday! My big kid told someone at school that I was 26 yesterday and the kid said, "nu uh that would mean she was like 14 when you were born." Now, I'm no mathematician and can certainly throw no stones in that area (or any other area actually), but I'm pretty sure if I were indeed 26 yesterday and my big kid is 14...there is no way to get 14 out of that equation.  I got a good little chuckle out that.  ;)  I'm most definitely NOT 26, I'm really 28.  Now don't you all start laughing and doing that math cuz there is no need for an exact equation here.  No need at all.  And truly, I don't say I am 28 because I don't like the real number, I am perfectly content with who I am, where I am and how old I am.  I like the age of 28 because my "real age" is something ridiculous like 17 and if you average that and my actual age you get about 28!  How's that for some math! Impressive, I know. ;)  I think age is not really about a number, it's about how you feel and I definitely don't feel like a 41 year old mother of three.  I don't act like it either. ;)  I wonder when my real age will catch up with my actual age?  Oh, I don't know, probably on the 3rd...of NEVER!  So there you have it, I'm a 41 28 year old who might just be a tad delusional!  I'll take that any day over feeling and acting all of my years. ;)

The actual birthing day turned out to be a little bit crazy.  It started with a new cast for the big kid.  It's waterproof, so no more needing help to shower.  I'm not sure who is more relieved about that, him or me?  It's probably a tie. ;)  We also finished up high school enrollment with a counselor meeting and attended an honors ceremony.  Banner day for the big kid!  With the help of some dear friends, grandparents, a sister, a niece and an extra car we got the little to baseball practice on the other side of town, and the middle to pitcher/catcher practice.  Then got everyone picked up, homework done, a couple of grumpy showers and bed. Some where in the middle of all that I slipped in a girlie lunch and a much needed pedicure!  By the time I got in bed I felt almost 29. ;)  A good night's sleep fixed that right up!

The wine for the day is Layer Cake shiraz.  This is one I've used before and I will probably use it again because it is yummy and it has cake on the front!  I mean really, who doesn't love a big piece of layer cake and a good glass of wine!  The best thing about birthday cake is that you get to have a piece on everyone's birthday, not just your own.  It really is quite possible to have a celebratory piece of birthday cake everyday, because after all, it's always someone's birthday! ;)  In the most historical and hysterical words of Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat cake!"

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday, March 20th...For your inflight entertainment.....

Yesterday was a long day.  Very looong!  It is a long long way from the mountains to our house. Did I say the word long enough times there?  Get the picture?  The day started off with one harfing and two fighting..awesome. ;)  It didn't take long for everyone to get into some sort of movie or sleep mode and all was peaceful for awhile.  Then the middle knocked a tooth out with a shocker, which is some sort of hard candy, and had a little fountain of blood in the back seat.  Having a tooth come out is always exciting, but when it is accompanied with even the smallest amount of blood serious drama ensues.  People were yelling, kleenex's were flying and a pillow case was ruined.  Luckily we were able to save the tooth so the tooth fairy could make a visit last night.  Cuz, that's exactly what the tooth fairy wanted to do after 12 hours in the car, 3 loads of laundry and a total car clean out. ;)

About half way thru the trip, which is somewhere around nowhere Kansas the little one popped his ear buds in and was jammin to some tunes.  Apparently, he set his ipod to replay Bruno Mars song Grenade over and over again.   While he was listening to music blaring in his ears, he was also playing some sort of game on the big one's ipad.  At some point he must have forgotten that the rest of us were in the car because he started singing along, very loudly.  He was busting out, "I'll take a grenade for ya, throw my hand on a blade for ya, step in front of a train for ya, you know I'd do anything for ya. Nah na na na Nahh na for ya."  At first we all thought it was hilarious.  He had no idea we were listening, the big one took video and we all had a good laugh.  After about the 10th time, it was becoming a little less funny.   But there he sat, playing his game and singing his song, "Easy come, easy go na na na na  take take take na na na."  He did it for 5 hours. Not. Even. Kidding.  Five total hours the kid sang the same song out loud over and over and over. It's a pretty good song, but seriously little guy, could we maybe sing another one?   I know now every word to Grenade, so does the rest of the family. ;)  I am certain that every car we passed (which was many because there is a direct ratio between the amount of racket in the car and the speed at which the car is traveling) was cracking up looking in our windows.  All 5 of us had on some sort of headphone, one is getting his groove on and four are staring straight ahead with a glazed look in their eyes trying to keep from strangling the one. ;)

So spring break is officially over.  Tomorrow the kids will go to school, the hubby to work and the mom to the laundry room.  I'll be in there for awhile. ;)  We had a great trip, minus the broken big kid, a bloody tooth and the fact that four of us have bleeding from the ears after 5 hours of taking a grenade for ya. ;)  We got to ski with Donkey, his lovely wife and budders...always a treat!  We got 7000 bouncy balls, a ride on a snow mobile, a dip in the pool surrounded by snow and made some new friends from Canada.  We skied a total of about 50,000 vertical feet, 1,000 of those feet were mine. ;)  The middle kid absolutely shredded the gnar, the little one mastered his skis and the big one and I got some real quality time together both on and off the mountain.  As will all family trips, I now need a vacation to recover from my vacation! ;)

The wine of the day is Bobby Adams The Family, it is a pinot gris.  It's the perfect kind of day to sit outside and enjoy a light white wine and celebrate the first day of spring.  If you are looking for some real entertainment throw some headphones on the children, crank up the music and listen to them sing away!  Be careful though, if you listen for too long you might need more than one bottle of wine. ;)

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday,March 16th....Super balls

Yep, you read that right....super balls. One of our favorite apris ski spots has an arcade room with lots of fun games. Earlier this week, before the big one broke himself, we were enjoying some after ski beverages and snacks with the donkey and a couple of Canadians. The kids were entertaining themselves in the arcade. Apparently there is a game in there that hands out super balls as prizes, you know the kind that bounce super high and then spike all over the place? We came home with about 50 of them. That's right, fitty, 5 0, that says a lot about how long we spent having apris ski beverages. ;) Super balls = super fun!! Especially when you are on the third floor of the condo building you are staying in. ;) Can you see where this is going? Oh's going there all right. I caught the middle and little on the balcony earlier spiking them as hard they could on the driveway below to see which way they would spike off to. They were giggling in delight with the fact that some would actually bounce up and over the trees into the neighboring condo's parking lot. A few landed on people's balcony's. Umm, boys, what are you doing? Two little heads whip around with completely innocent looks on faces and hands behind their backs. "Nothing mom." Do they seriously think I am that dumb? I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night! ;) I went thru the whole parental lecture of the dangers of throwing things off the balcony, which the middle completely glazes over and tunes about 10 seconds into.;) About the time I'm wrapping this up in all my best seriousness, the big kid yells from inside on his perch with arm elevated, "Guys, don't throw all your balls away, you're gonna want those later!" PAHAAAAAA!! :)). Even I can't hold it together on this one! That's just funny, I don't care who are, it's funny. :)

Yesterday the broken big kid and I took the little one to the pool, it's an outdoor heated pool so it's completely open air. The little one jumps in, comes back up and says,"Hey, I found one or my balls in here! We must have got one all the way over here!" Super ;)

Time to get back to the man movie marathon the big kid and I are having. He wasn't interested in the romantic nuances of the most esteemed Jane Austin. ;) The Wine of the day is Fog Mountain merlot. The mountains are gorgeous encased in a heavy fog, especially as the sun begins to break thru. A beauty only the good Lord could create!

Happy spring break Wednesday! Oh, I just got the irony of the "break". Apparently I'm already in a mountain fog! ;) Lord help me, I'm a little slow on the uptake today.

Happy spring Wednesday!;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, March 14th....There's a first time for everything.

There is truth in the saying....there's a first time for everything.  We have been coming to the mountains to ski with our kids for 9 years, and we have not needed the ski patrol 1 time.  Not even one not a bloody nose, or a headache..nothing.  Today was the first time for two things in our family...stretcher ride to the bottom of the mountain and broken bones.  I know, it's hard to believe with three boys we have not had one single broken bone, but it is true.  Plenty of ER visits and enough stitches to make a small coat, but no broken bones. 

Today the big kid went off boarding with some other big kids that are up here for spring break too.  The 4 of them are all 14 or over and the big kid knows the mountain well, so this seems like a fine idea.  What should have tipped me off to a potential hazzard was the "4 boys between the ages of 14 and 16" part.  Why was that not a warning?  The answer is...because I have raised them saying,  "if you never let them fall down, how will they know how to get themselves back up."  Well, this parenting philosophy came in real handy today.  ;)  The big one and his buddies were in the terrain park.  He hit a big jump and caught an edge on the landing and went down...on his left arm.  To his major credit, he was able to get himself back up and get to the bottom of the main lift we take.  He was able to pull his phone out and call me to say, "I think I might have hurt myself...for real."  In other words, don't tell me to suck it up and keep going this time mom. ;)  Got it buddy, I skied right fast as I could.  Sooo, about 30 minutes later I show up. ;)  One look at his face and I can tell this not a "rub some dirt on it" kind of incident.  I had to get the ski patrol to come over and take a look at him, and they decided he needed a ride to the bottom.  For the first time ever, one of my kids was put on the stretcher and taken to the bottom.  As in any crisis situation, I am reserving my freak out for much later.  Instead, I pull out my phone and take pictures.  There must be some documentation to this historic event. ;) Too bad I'm too technologically challenged to get those photos from my phone to Bud's lap top.  You'll just have to take my word for it...I was calm, the big kid was tough and the little one was excited!  He got to ride on the back of the snow mobile.  All he had to say was, "I'm kind of glad big the kid got hurt, cuz this is really cool.  I mean, no offense or anything, big kid."  I'm sure there was none taken. ;)  I got to carry all the gear and meet them at the bottom, can you say pack mule?   And let me just say, that I was in the medical office before they were. So, I guess I can ski fast afterall, it just takes the right motiviation. ;)  Turns out the big kid has a crack in one of his wrist bones and a chip out of the other.  Cool red cast and lots of attention later we are about to head home and he says, "Hey doc, can I play tennis with this thing?"  And, "How long before I can get back out on the mountain?"  As long as he has a mean one handed back hand there will be zero down time from tennis.  And the doc says, "One day to rest and you can snowboard on Wednesday."  What?  Ummm, I don't think so.  Mom says at least 2 days off the mountain.  I am so mean. ;)

The wine of the day is Two Hand's Gnarley Dudes Shiraz.  I'll be sipping on this while I finally let all the emotions of the day catch up to me.  Somebody pull out my crazy baby is broken!  I don't care if he is 14 1/2, he's still my baby. ;)  I guess my baby really is a big kid and he can seriously shred the gnar, at least that's what the x-ray says. ;)  Tomorrow I'll enjoy a good day of movies with him, and hopefully convince him that he wants to do that the next day too.  Not gonna happen...but a mom can hope!

Happy Spring Break Monday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11th....On the road again

I don't know how this has happened, but spring break starts tomorrow.  This school year is flying by at some sort of hyper speed that will have 2 of my kids "graduating" from elementary and middle school before I blink again!  When my kids were all little, people used to look at me with a sympathetic look and say, "enjoy this time because before you know it they will be all grown up."  At the time, that sort of statement really made me want to throw hot rocks at the giver of such sage advice. ;)  Now, I know that to be true...well at least the before you know it they will be grown up part.  I'm still not sure about the loving every single minute of the little years because those are some seriously hard years.  I'll take my big kid issues any day over what I used to face with these three.  I haven't wiped anyone's butt or nose for years, and I like that...a LOT!

Tomorrow morning we are leaving on the mother of all parenting challenges, the 12 hour road trip.  If we all survive this mecca of closeness we will end up in the mountains for a week of skiing with friends and family.  We will hit the slopes dressed from head to toe in all our warmest gear, strap on our ski's and snowboards and "shred the gnar" for 6 straight days!  Well, at least 4 of us will do that, I will tend to spend more time with hot coco and a good book than hitting the slopes.  I have found that when I try to hit the slopes with my boys, the slopes hit back...and hard.  There's no time for a sore bum for mom. ;)  I will make sure to spend some time each day with camera in hand paparazzing my children all over the mountain, much to the teenagers chagrin, and will hopefully come back with a book full of memories.  Some of my most favorite family times have been in the mountains, and I can't wait to get back to the mountains majesty tomorrow.  Notice how I threw in a little America and a little royalty right there, a girl can never get to far away from her crown. ;)

It's time to go pack now.  Four people's jackets, pants, long johns, hats, gloves, boots, ski's, snowboards, helmet's, sweatshirts, goggles, pj's, mittens....oh my!  I best get going!

Today's wine is Winner's Tank Velvet Sledgehammer Shiraz.  This is probably going to be tomorrow's wine too, as I am sure I will want a sledgehammer at some point during the 12 hours of car time to put myself out of my misery.  In order to escape that amount of boy closeness I have loaded a Jane Austen movie marathon on my phone to watch.  :)  A little Sense and Sensibility will be in order to keep the peace in the back seat! ;)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday, March 9th.....Finding good! :)

The big kid came home from school today on cloud nine! Seriously had the best day he's had in a while. When I asked what was behind this very non-teenagery attitude, he just grinned. I'm thinking it must have something to do with a girl.;) Not even close. His math teacher had him and a few other kids stay after class today just to tell them thank you for listening and doing what she asked when she asked it. Then she gave him a peppermint. That was it, a kind word and a peppermint had made his day. It got me thinking, how many times do we overlook the good? It's so much easier to react to the bad, to correct it or punish it. But, the truth is that there is far more good going on around us than bad all the time. What if we all took the time to stop for just a minute and recognize the good? I suppose this is where the saying "stop and smell the roses" comes from. That is such a broad saying and can apply to so many things in life. I'm thinking a little more specifically here, about good behaviors. I spent the afternoon and evening making a special effort to see the good things going on around my house. Pretty amazing actually, I heard compliments on a good basketball shot, a helping hand with a video game and some serious giggling over a silly made up tennis ball game. Wow! There was a LOT of good! As I was putting each one to bed I made a point to bring those things up and let them know that I noticed and was proud of them. I told them each thank you for being kind and loving one another. They all went to bed with a smile on their little faces. :)

Imagine the difference that could be made if we all took a moment to tell a child thank you for something good or nice work for a job well done. If a kind word and a candy could make that child have a "walking on cloud nine" kind of day. That sort of thing could make a difference in a child, in their day and in their life. You never really know when something that you say or do will have an impact on a kid or what kind of impact it might have. So, I'm going to start seeking out moments when I can give a kid (and not just my own) a kind word and a candy. Want to join me? :)

My little one got a much needed haircut this afternoon. It was taking a little longer than normal because his hair had gotten reeeaaalllyyy long. After much clipping and snipping he says, in a very normal calm voice, "I feel like I'm done now." My poor hair girl nearly snipped her finger off she was laughing so hard. :))

The wine of the day is Polka Dot Reisling. It's a sweet white. Sweet is good. You know what else is good? Cupcakes! I recommend a yummy cupcake any time of any day. I don't care what people say, they are not just for birthdays or children. My favorite restaurant choices are based solely on the wine list and whether or not they have good cupcakes. Entree's are seriously over rated. ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, March 8th...Weather and Whine

Today it is cold and rainy.  We have gone from 0 to 80 to 40 in the past month.  The saying around here is, if you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes and it will have changed. ;)  So true!  Most people will check with the local weather man to find out what the weather will be...not me...I just watch my kids.  I'm not sure if it's like this in every house, but at this house the forecast is on a direct scale with behavior.  It doesn't matter if it's warm or cold, sunny or snowy if the weather pattern is stable so are my kids.  When the weather takes a turn for the worse, so do the moods.  Bad attitudes, surly talk, and whininess abound.  It's enough to have a momma reaching for her crazy straw by 4:45, whipping out the phrase "it's 5 o'clock somewhere!" ;)  Bud looked at me when he got home in the middle of probably the 5th meltdown of the afternoon and said, "What is going on?"  I just calmly poor myself a little more wine and say, "Oh that? No worries, it's just a low pressure system, it will pass in another hour or so."  There really is no need for me to waste valuable trash tv time watching the news, I can just listen around my house to see what the forecast is.  Tomorrow is going to be sunny and warmer! :)

By the time dinner got on the table the sun was coming out and the moods had shifted.  Praise the Lord!  Sitting down to the table for dinner together is truly one of my favorite things in the world.  It is pretty rare, so when it happens I love to sit and listen to all of the interesting dinner conversation 3 boys can come up with.  Well, some of it I don't actually love, there's always lots of "potty" talk which is hilarious to everyone at the table...but me. ;)  Tonight we got on girlfriend talk!  Now that's interesting!  The big one has a special friend, but they aren't really "going out" as things become a bit more awkward at 14.  The middle one spurts out, "My girlfriend is moving to Belgium!"  We had all heard this before so I ask when that might be happening.  He says, "I don't know, it was in February, then spring break now not til summer.  I'm not sure if she's really moving, she may just be saying that to keep me at a distance."  As his mom, I am trying very hard here to be kind and tactful in my response.  His brothers, not so much.  The little one throws out, "Well at least she didn't slap you when you asked her like the last girl you asked out."  No mercy here. ;)  It finally comes around to the little guy's turn to talk, he always has to wait the longest a fact that we are all made very aware of all the time. ;)  He says, "My girl is great!  She said she loves me, she's really cute and we sit by each other every day at story time."  Oh, that's sweet.  "Yep, she's a hard worker alright."  Pahaaaa!!  A hard worker?  Bud just spit wine out his nose, and the rest of us are all giggling.  :)  The big one, always my practical thinker says, "That's a good trait in a girl buddy, she'll be able to help pay the bills someday." The middle one says, "Whatever tickles your peach."  That's it, girlfriends's game on,  the war of words begins.  They like to do this sometimes, start a saying or a phrase or a joke and then see who can come up with the most variations.  Sometimes it's yo momma jokes, or maybe Tim Tebowism's, sometime's it's a four letter word war.  That one never ends well for anyone. ;)  Tonight's went like this....whatever floats your boat, whatever flies your kite, whatever toots your horn, whatever cooks your burger, whatever pops your bubble, whatever pops your popcorn, whatever kills your fly, whatever rides your pony, whatever waters your grass, whatever fluffs your pillow.  Bud and I are finding all this very amusing, but as with all good things, this will come to an end.   All of these word wars end in the same way...with someone taking it one step to far.  The fun ended tonight with...whatever grabs your balls.  To this statement the place erupts in guffaws and high fives and all manner of celebration....for about 15 seconds....then everyone got to do something else fun.  The dishes. ;)  And they all learned a new phrase, if you mess with the bull you will get the horns.  Guess who the bull is? :)   To this the middle replies, while at the sink, "if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen."  You got it buddy, I'm outta here!  Glee is on and I'm a big fan of Sue Sylvester! :)

The wine of the day is Next, pinot noir.  The word "next" is one of my favorite words.  It can be used in a variety of situations.  Whenever you are done dealing with something or someone just throw this out, "Next please".  I recommend saying this with the exact inflection of Bon Qui Qui.  If you aren't familiar with the lovely miss Bon Qui Qui and her inspiring work at the King Burger, I suggest you check her out on youtube or madtv.  If you haven't had a good chuckle yet today, she'll take your order.  SUCURITY..this one's got to go.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, March 7th...Why?

Why? Why must everything end in why? Isn't that stage supposed to end shortly after they are about 3 years old? It seems that all three of my boys are stuck in the "why" phase. Oh sure, it's different than it used to be, they are no longer asking why the sky is blue and the grass is green. We have moved on to a different kind of "why".

  • You need to brush your teeth. Why?
  • You need to do your homework. Why?
  • No, you can't back my car out right now. Why?
  • You need to hop in the shower. Why?

When your kids are little and are asking why things work a certain way, they take whatever you say as truth and are done. At this new stage of "why" there is an immediate follow up argument that is locked and loaded and ready to fire the minute the "no" is out of my mouth. Are they really this quick? Or do they plan all of this out ahead of time...I wonder. No, I really don't wonder, I know exactly what is happening here.;)
  • No, you can't use your brother for target practice.  Why?  He's all bundled up and has goggles on.
  • No, you can't pay your brother to jump in the 45 degree pool fully dressed.  Why?  He said he doesn't mind.
  • No, you can't climb on the roof to shoot baskets.  Why?  We're video taping trick shots.
  • No, you can't play tackle football in the living room.  Why?  We have helmets on.
  • No, you can't have my phone battery.  Why?  Your phone battery is nuclear and if we hook it up with wire and use a kleenex to set it on fire there will be an explosion, it's like a science experiment.
Do they really think these arguments, however well thought out and intellectual they might be, will make me change my mind?  I think they do, they really believe if they can just make me see the sensibility of their reasoning that I will cave.  News flash boys...I don't change my mind.   I've been arguing my side of every story for longer than the three of you combined have been alive.  And, yes that is more than 26 years.  Thank you so much for pointing that out, middle. ;) I find myself often saying pretty loudly (which is code for yelling;)....BECAUSE I SAID SO!  Then I burst out laughing because that makes me sound like my mother. ;)  Parenting tip....when you are trying to be authoritative and taken seriously, don't start laughing.  I'm going to have to come up with a new phrase of my own that will shut down the arguments.  One that will keep me from laughing at myself.  I've decided to try this, delivered in a regal way with my head held high as if I have a crown perched on my head, "I am what you might call the queen mother, and my word is law, and you, little people, will obey the law."  I wonder who will burst out laughing on that one first, them or me?  The middle would call that a science experiment. ;)  My hypothesis is that it will be a tie. :)  It will at least catch them off guard and redirect their devious little minds for half a second.  Then they will quietly disappear and a little bit later I'll hear foot steps on the roof. ;)  BOOOOOYSSS!!!!

The big one played in his first varsity tennis tournament today.  He did pretty well against some stiff competition.  On our way to dinner he was telling us all about the day.   He said the kid who won is probably sponsored by Babolet he was so good.  The little one says, "He's probably sponsored by Walmart."  The big one smirks back, "No one is sponsored by Walmart."  Little guy looks out the window, and in his very most sarcastic voice says, "Exactly."  Nice slam by the 8 yr old. ;)

The wine for the day is Frog's Leap merlot in honor of my most wonderful mother.  I'm quite sure it took a multitude of bottles for her to make it thru raising me.  That whole "I don't change my mind thing" probably wasn't the most endearing trait in this pig tailed little girl.  It's serving me quite well now! :)

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday, March 4th....Sometimes life is just plain crazy!

This has been the craziest week we've had in a long time.  I mean, crazier than the blizzard of the century and the other blizzard of the century.  Crazier even than the 2 weeks called Christmas "break", I'm still not sure why they use the word break in that. ;)  This week has had car trouble, girl drama, x-rays, strep tests, and breathing treatments.  The highlight of the week had to be completing the freshman enrollment forms.  Those forms were due today, so of course I waited til last night to pull them out. ;)

After dinner last night I had the big one get the enrollment paper out so we could get him all hooked up for high school.  First mistake...paperS, not paper.  It took me about 10 seconds to realize that we probably should have taken a look at this a few days earlier.  Dear Lord in heaven, there are about 20 forms included in the enrollment paper. ;) The only other times I have signed my name that many times was when we were buying a house.  Not even kidding.  One form wants to know what language is primarily spoken in the house.  The big one wants to know why that would be important.  "They want to know if English is the second language spoken in the house, so they can help place the student in the right classes."  He ponders that for a second and then says with his best Larry the cable guy accent, "Mi casa hablos espanol?"  The little one, who has no idea what we are talking about, throws out, "Ha!  You better sign up for that class, you don't speak French very well at all!" :))  From there we moved on to the medical history page.  Really, you want to know every thing that has happened to him in the past 14 1/2 years, including immunizations?  Here's how that no no no no pollen and milk, yes - shots. ;)   After much reading, agreeing, signing and dating, and one hand cramp, we finally got to the good part...class selection.  The core classes aren't too difficult, english, math science and history, no problem at all.  We are flying thru this now like I might get to bed before midnight.  I'm starting to think that maybe I was over reacting just a bit earlier and this enrollment thing won't be so bad.  Then the electives, the "fun" classes.  First one was easy...sports, no brainer for him, and we like that idea too.  Then we start flipping thru the "dog book" (the school mascot is a bulldog) for ideas for another elective.  There are no less than 30 pages dedicated to class options.  They've got it all; art, photography, drama, debate, speed reading, finance (I'm still not sure why that is considered an elective), agriculture, computers, tumbling and all kinds of what we used to call home economics.  We read thru all 30 pages of classes and nothing sounds to good to him.  Bud asks, "What do you like, what are your interests?"  Without skipping a beat the big kid says, "Sports and girls."  Bud shoots right back, "Well, here's a good one, it's called intro to wood."  They both burst out laughing.  I mean, hee haw, knee slapping that is the funniest thing they have ever heard laughing.  Oh come on, no way, that's not in there.  But there it is, in black and white...introduction to woodworking. ;)  Not happening, pick another one. ;)  He finally settles on a class designed to help with study habits.  Good idea, I hope it also teaches him how to NOT procrastinate. ;)

Today started off with a trip to the doctor with the younger two.  The little one is wheezy and has had a stomach ache for about 2 weeks, and the middle has a sore throat.  After doing an x-ray of the little guy's tummy the doc says to me, "Well, he's full of poop."  I'm not sure if it's the 4 gross boys I live with or the craziness of the last 5 days, but for some reason I find this extremely funny and burst out laughing. :))  "So you're telling me that he's full of it?  Thanks a lot doc, I actually didn't need an x-ray for that." ;)  The little one, who always likes to get his two cents worth in, says, "I knew you were going to say I was compensated."  Our doctor came right back with, "Yes, he is definitely full of it, both figuratively and literally." A little sense of humor at the end of a long week was just what the doctor ordered!  I left that office with some funnies in my head and a smile on my face.  And a couple of kids who will feel better in a couple of days. ;)

The wine of the day was recommended by a friend, it's called Smoking Loon.  After this week some people might look at me and say, "Have you been smoking something you crazy loon?"  All I can say is, smoking of anything, just 4 crazy boys, a broken water pump and a whole lotta poop jokes.  That's enough to drive anyone looney!

Happy Friday!  Oh, wait I think it's Saturday now, I don't really know what day it is so let's just say...

Happy Day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, March 2nd.....Fire! Fire!

Some days can be a little busy around here between the hours of 3 and 9pm.  Then there are other days that can only be described as full on crazy.  Yesterday, was one of the more manic days.  Oh, it started off normal enough with the usual picking up and dropping off planned out.  Bud and I had the tag team maneuver's planned out to the minute.  Everyone had their marching orders all right, you need this and this and need to be ready at this time and you need to pick up here and drop off here...blah blah blah.  That is what I might as well have been saying.  As usual, just when I think I have everything under control and perfectly planned out to my specifications, the good Lord steps in to remind me that the illusion of control is just that, an illusion.

Once I had finally gathered all three boys from school and tennis we head towards the dentist.  You know how kids just love to keep up with their dental hygiene, so this trip was filled with all types of positive and encouraging comments. ha.ha.ha. In case you missed it, there is a LOT of sarcasm right there. ;)  About a 1/2 mile from the dentist I hear this horrendous noise and immediately start looking around to see whose car is making that sort of racket.  The big one says, "Umm, mom.....I think that's your car."  What?  Nuh uh, my car doesn't make noises like that!  I go a little bit further and notice that the obnoxious noise is indeed following me.  Maybe the big kid is right.   Oh well, it's probably nothing.  Another 10th of a mile and the warning lights start going off, they are flashing up there in my little display faster than I can say, "Oh crap, I think somethings wrong here."  Traction control off, A/C off, reduce speed, engine too hot, add oil, slow down, and finally shut engine off NOW!  What the heck?  Which one?  You just gave me 15 different instructions in less than 10 seconds!  So of course, I push it the last 10th of a mile.  I am determined to make it to the dentist parking lot.   I mean seriously, I can't turn my car off right here, I have three boys and a trunk full of backpacks, tennis rackets, baseball bags, baseball clothes, cleats, and even a loose athletic cup or two.  That just doesn't stop in mid-action people.  All three of my boys are going into full panic mode, "Turn it off! Turn it off!" is being chanted from the back seat.  The big one sitting next to me is wide eyed and white knuckled.  And I am calmly putzing along with 7 different warning beepers going off and all kinds lights flashing saying, "it's fine, no worries, we can make it to the dentist, no problem."  The big one isn't buying it, "Your gonna get us all killed!  We need to get out of this car NOW!"  Apparently, I have taught them nothing...come on boys, stop it with the panic button already!  It takes a lot more than a few beepers and warning messages to fly my skirts up. ;)  I finally get parked in the dentist parking lot and everyone bails out like its the stinking titanic, I'm rolling my eyes, still going on with "it's fine, no big deal, look we are right on time for your dentist appointments. ;)  They all three look at me as if I have lost my mind because there is smoke coming from under the hood and a strange burning smell surrounding us.  Uh-oh.  The middle one, my most curious little creature,  is peaking under the front tire, "I see a little smoke, and it's smells real hot.   I think it's your brakes."  The little one is jumping around nervously yelling, "Fire!  Fire!"  The big one, now the picture of serenity says, "pop the hood, let's take a look."  Ummm, I don't think so, that might be a little warm under there.  Let's all go inside and get clean teeth, shall we! :)  

After 30 minutes on the phone with my mom to arrange a pick up for us, Bud to re-arrange the rest of the evenings drop offs and pick ups, and the roadside assistance people there is a tow truck on the way and we have no cavities!  The tow truck driver tells me it will be a couple of hours, and wants to know if I will be waiting with the vehicle.  Ummm, probably not.  If I sit here with these 3 for two hours we will miss 2 practices, and I will be checking in to the psych ward of the hospital across the street.  I think I'll just go ahead and take my athletic cups and go. :))  

The wine of the day is a Sineann Red Table Wine, because we had the distinct and unusual pleasure of having dinner at the table with the whole family!  While enjoying a nice peaceful family meal, the big one starts spouting out details of his day including exerts from the "sexting" assembly he attended.   Whhaaaatttt?  Jeez, teenager, couldn't you wait until the little ones were in bed before your filled me in on all the latest slang terms?  Pour me another glass bud, this is turning into a crazy straw kind of night! ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The W(h)ine Hour...They Whine and I Wine: Tuesday, March 1st...We've come a long way, baby!

The W(h)ine Hour...They Whine and I Wine: Tuesday, March 1st...We've come a long way, baby!: "A few days away with no whining, but still a little 'wine'ing is not a bad thing at all! We did a little skiing (very little for me), ..."

Tuesday, March 1st...We've come a long way, baby!

A few days away with no whining, but still a little "wine"ing is not a bad thing at all! We did a little skiing (very little for me),  had some yummy food and lots of laughs.   At one point I looked at Bud and said, "Hey, I remember you, we have a lot of fun together!"  It's nice to be reminded that there is more to myself than just "mommy". ;)

On Sunday, I spent most of the day skiing with Donkey (my brother-in-law) and budders (my nephew).  Budders will turn 3 on March 17th, and he is about the cutest thing I have ever seen on the mountain.  Skiing with the little people has always been my absolute favorite!  For about 9 years, I spent every ski trip teaching one of our kids how to ski.  It's a complete mystery to me that I can teach 3 boys how to ski, but can't really ski myself.  The situation is best stated by the little one last year as he went flying by me, "don't be a weenie mom, this isn't that hard."  Key word in that sentence is "weenie".  My days of skiing with my little people are over. ;)   My new little ski friend, who calls me Aunt Party or Princess Party depending on the day, has a similar approach to skiing...point skis downhill and go!  And, I mean GO, NOWWWW!  The kid has ZERO fear, none, nada, the faster the better is his motto.  Donkey has a little harness thing on him that keeps them a few feet apart, otherwise he would be at the bottom before we even got our skis on!  You know that saying "keep them on a short leash"?  Yep, that's what we're talking about here.  I am immediately impressed by how well he controls his ski's for an almost 3 year old, he's got great balance and is making some good turns to control his speed.  That lasted about 2 minutes and then he decided dad was just not going fast enough for his liking.  "Safety first partner" was not the answer this little ripper was looking for.  What happened next can only be described as a full fledged on mountain meltdown; body flailing, yelling, ski stomping, the works!  He even thru in the noodle legs, you know when the legs seemingly have no muscle or bones?  You can not imagine how entertaining I am finding this whole scene playing out in front of me.  People are skiing by us staring, Budders is flailing and Donkey's just calmly waiting it out.  I am laughing...hard! :))  I have so been there and done that, so many times!  When the middle was 4, and skied down the entire mountain chanting at the top of his lungs, "I want a wedgie, I want a wedgie" because his edgie wedgie had broken.  When I had to carry that same kid down a 4 mile run because he just couldn't go one more second.  Towing any of the three them with my pole across the flat parts...painful.  When the little one would not ski more than 2 feet without falling down on purpose, and then at my offer of help would yell at me, "jerk a**".  Ah, good times....good times.  I was yanked out of my revelry pretty quickly, as the on mountain melt wrapped up about as fast as it started.  Nothing a few skittles can't fix! ;)  The little guy is a beast on the mountain, and had a huge grin on his long as we were going fast enough! ;)  

Later that afternoon when we had met up with everyone else, I was telling Bud about my funny day on the mountain.  Together we laughed about some of the things our kids have done on our family ski trips; some funny, others embarrassing, and even some that were just picture perfect moments in our family's life.   Suddenly, it occurred to me, "We've come a long way, baby!"  It's so easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of what is happening right now that I forget how far we've already come with these boys.  So many stages have come and gone, and yet still so many more to look forward to!

Shortly after we arrived home Bud asks the big one what his driver is doing in the laundry room.  The big one calmly replies, "I was trying to hit the middle with it, he threw an egg at me."  Bud, just as calmly, says back, "You should use one of your irons for that, the face of that driver will cave in."  What?  I think I can add that to the list of reasons I don't fit in here. ;) All I could think was, I hope someone cleaned up that egg! ;)

The wine of the day is Little Penguin Shiraz.  It seemed appropriately winter themed for the previous few days escapades.  Anyway, who doesn't love a cute little penguin?  The penguins have coined one of my most loved pieces of advice, "Just smile and wave and wave."  So applicable in so many situations! :)

Happy Tuesday!