The W(h)ine Hour..

Every household has one…the whine hour. It’s those bewitching hours between approximately 5 and 8pm in the evening when the kids go crazy and moms across the world lose their minds completely. It doesn’t matter if you have babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, or teens; those hours of dinner/homework/bath time/ bedtime can just about do a momma in. What is a girl to do? It’s simple and brilliant actually, just slip in a little wine of your own! Now, I’m not suggesting anyone down a bottle of whiskey everyday between the hours of 5 and 8, in fact if you do that you will have a few whine hours of your own the next morning. Basically, a little wine during the whine hours will keep you out of the padded cell at the local cookoo house where people will walk by and peek in your little window and say things like “aww, poor mom has lost her marbles” and “hmmm, now that’s a crazy one right there, sits in there all day and hits herself over the head with a Barbie and a hotwheel”. Don’t smirk, it can happen.

So, enjoy the tales of my whine hour, and how I survive each and everyone of one of them with a sense of humor and a good bottle of wine! After all, the whine hour comes around every single day, a girl has to be prepared!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 15th...Date night and A Life Lesson

One night earlier this week an odd thing happened.  Something that only happens once in a blue moon. A phenomenon so rare that when it happens it leaves me speechless (not an easy thing to do).  We had no games, no practices, no school activities and no kids!  Holla!  Bud and I, after marveling at our good fortune for about 15 minutes decided to use this time wisely and sped off to one of our favorite restaurants.  The kind of place you can sit and talk and take your time.  For a two half crazed parent's that spend 99% of their time working the zone defense, this place is like a mini vacation.  We sat there and talked for a good 2 hours and not once did someone say...can you pick him up?  This one needs to be here at this time. Don't forget the gear.  Or it's your turn to make them brush their teeth. ;)  We had real grown up conversation.  Wow!  What a treat!

While we were enjoying dinner, the boys were at the last regular season home game for the Thunder with Uncle T.  Pretty cool for them especially since Uncle T just got a rockin new job and will be moving away in a couple of months. After the game we arranged to meet Uncle T to get the boys at a gas station downtown.   While saying our goodbyes and thank you's, a lady walked over and asked bud for some money.  Seems her aunt had passed away and she needed some money for gas to get to the funeral.  Hmmm, something seems fishy here, it's probably the fact that she doesn't have a car. ;)  I hustle the boys quickly into our car (pun is totally intended:) and Bud offers to fill her car up.  Of course, her car is at another gas station and if he could just follow her.....yadda yadda.  Not happenin.  During this whole conversation there are three faces glued to the rear window of the car getting a flash course in how to be kind to others, and not get hustled.  Driving away from there the middle one says, "Well, that was weird."  The little one adds, "I don't know about you guys, but I don't believe her story for a second, she just wanted some money.  Probably wanted to go buy some beer or somethin, maybe some smokes."  What?  I swear I don't where he gets this stuff and I don't know how he "gets" things so quickly.  Sometimes, he scares me a little bit. ;)  On the way home we discussed safety and stranger danger.  Also, ways to help someone who is really in need in a way that is safe for everyone.  It's hard to explain all of that in a way that makes sense, isn't scary and teaches them to be non-judgemental.  Really hard.  Finally that whole thing blew over as they started telling us what they saw at the game.  They saw two dads with a baby, a lady who barely fit in her chair and a lady who barely fit in her top. ;) Soooo, how was the game? The middle one shoots out, "I liked it!  Lots of good stuff to look at around us." (snicker snicker, elbow big kid in the ribs, hahaha).  Ohhh  many boob jokes start flying around the car I can't even stand it. So I start right in on my lecture of respecting women and accepting all people for who they are and how they look....blah blah blah is all they heard.  That and the little one learned 2 new slang terms for boobs.  Awesome.  Why do I ever wonder where he "gets this stuff"?

The wine for today is Middle Sister's Wicked White.  Tomorrow morning the middle kid and I are going to Nebraska for my sisters guessed it, she's the middle sister. :)  He is lighting the candles in the wedding and will be looking snazzy in his tux, but he needs black dress shoes.  About 9:00 this morning, I realized that I have probably perfected the art of procrastination. ;) "Hey middle kid, we need to go shoe shopping for you tonight."  Big eye roll here and, "Why can't I just wear my nike's, they're black?"  Because you can't, no complaining.  A few minutes later he walks in my room with the big industrial 25 ft tape measure and says, "My feet measure about 9 inches and my nike's are almost 12.  Can you just pick some up for me?"   It's hard to get mad at such a resourceful young man.  Just fyi....this type of measuring is not an accurate way to "pick up" some shoes.  I wonder if I wrap the nike's in black duct tape if anyone will notice?  Classy.  Hopefully this shoe faux pas won't bring out the "wicked" part of the middle sister. ;)

Happy Friday!

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Sarah said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! You sound like you have an awesome family. I'm longing for the school holidays where I won't be ferrying my offspring to a million different activities too! Hope you don't mind if I follow along. Have a lovely weekend x